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The Magician

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Card Prompts

In tarot, there is no right or wrong just difference. Allow yourself to write your impressions without worrying about whether you are right or not. You will soon find your impressions being bang-on.

  1. Who, what, why, when, where, and how?
  2. Thereís a story or allegory in every picture card. What is the story telling you?
  3. What is the symbolism of colour and object in the picture?
  4. Who are the people in the card? Why are they there? What are they doing?

Describe the card and add some keywords or phrases to your reply. Let us know what you think the card means, what itís all about. Itís your interpretation of the tarot card meaning and if your interpretation is sincere it will be Accurate, Right, and True. You can not go wrong!